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Live at the Bop Stop

May 24, 2021

All music is used with permission from Dan Bruce’s Beta Collective

Track listing

  • Earthshine - Bruce
  • Slant - Bruce
  • Not Knowing - Bruce
  • Blueprint - Bruce
  • You vs. You - Bruce
  • Moth Flame Blues - Bruce
  • The Walk – Bruce


This week – guitarist Dan Bruce was well on his way to recording a new album with the Cleveland based Beta Collective when covid delayed those plans. Part of the group’s process of preparing to record an album is working out the kinks of material live in front of audiences. So, think of this January 15th, 2021 show as a test run for his upcoming album. You will also hear selections from Dan’s recent album Earthshine.
Featuring Dan – Howie Smith on sax – Brad Wagner on saxophone and bass clarinet – Chris Anderson on trombone- Theron Brown on keyboards – Aidan Plank on bass and Anthony Taddeo on drums it’s Dan Bruce’s Beta Collective – Live at The Bop Stop.

This program is recorded at the Robert Conrad Studios at the Bop Stop in Cleveland, Ohio with additional production by Graham Rosen and editing for WOBC provided by Pete Naegele and for our podcast and other affiliates by Shawn Gilbert and Carsen Gilbert at GilAzar media.  

The executive producer is Daniel Peck.

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