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Live at the Bop Stop

Jun 28, 2021

All music is used with permission from Dan Wilson.

Track listing

  • Love is Stronger Than Pride - Ade/Matthewman/Hale
  • Smile Please - Wonder
  • Until You Come Back to Me - Wonder
  • What's Going On - Gaye/Benson/Cleveland
  • I Feel For You - Prince
  • Gravity - Mayer
  • You Will Know - Wonder
  • N/A -
  • N/A -
  • All in Love is Fair - Wonder
  • Inner City Blues - Gaye/Nyx
  • You and I - Wonder
  • Tell Me Something Good - Wonder

Akron based guitarist and Mack Avenue recording artist Dan Wilson has paid multiple visits to the Bop Stop over the years when he isn't busy touring with Joey Defrancesco and Christian Mcbride's Tip City Project and it is always an outstanding and unique night of jazz.

This performance features songs from what Dan calls the great Brazillian jazz book, it features Kip Reed on bass – Theron Brown on piano and Patrick Graney on percussion and showcases Dan’s experiences and reflections on touring in and around Brazil. It was absolutely a night to remember- and we are glad to bring it to you here.

From July 14th 2018 here’s the Dan Wilson quartet – Live at the Bop Stop.

This program is recorded at the Robert Conrad Studios at the Bop Stop in Cleveland, Ohio with additional production by Graham Rosen and editing for WOBC provided by Pete Naegele and for our podcast and other affiliates by Shawn Gilbert and Carsen Gilbert at GilAzar media.  

The executive producer is Daniel Peck.

For extended version of all our shows –our Live at The Bop Stop podcast can be found on your favorite podcast app.


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